Chocolate avocado protein mousse
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Chocolate and avocado casein mousse

If you’re anything like me you get hungry in the evenings, but the last thing you want is a heavy meal, am I right? Also, you want to keep that carb level low so your blood sugar doesn’t increase before bedtime ?

If this is the case, chocolate casein and avocado mousse with walnuts and blueberries is the one for you! I can’t have nuts, so I use coconut instead ?

Want more recipes on casein mousse? What about a casein mousse with chocolate casein and peanut butter or raspberry and banana?

With this evening snack, you’ll get in your protein and fat before bedtime, but you won’t be too full. 

Even with no carbs you can enjoy this, or you can add some with some fresh fruit or berries ? ? ?

What you need: 

  • 80g of frozen avocado
  • 35g of chocolate casein of your choosing 
  • About 1 dl of cold water
  • 20g Walnuts 
  • Blueberries

What to do:

  • Peel the avocado 
  • Add the avocado, casein and water in a blender. We use a magic bullet.  
  • Mix it all together
  • Blend (we used a magic bullet but any blender will do)

Serve with some nuts, fresh fruit or berries depending of your macros.


80g avocado and 20g of walnuts will give 25g of fat.

If you’re on the lookout for more tasty evening snack you can also check out our protein pancakes ?

Happy cooking and enjoy ?

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