What is the RP Diet APP??

Have you thought about starting the RP diet but are really confused about the diet, the templates, and the App?

In which case, this is the post for you ? We’ll focus on the diet itself, and the app.

We have also written a comparison between the app and the template if you want to check out our take on the differences.

First off, what is the RP Diet App?

It is an app created by Renaissance Periodization and by collecting basic information about your body, age, etc it will calculate and create a macro-based diet for you. And that way helps determine how much food you should consume. Basically, it will help you lose weight, or gain weight.

Renaissance Periodization offers the app as a part of their products. Several athletes have used or use the app with great success, for example Annie Thorisdottir.

The idea behind the program or diet is that when a person eats the right macro-balance, you’ll lose weight or gain weight (or stay at your weight) in a healthy and sustainable manner.

The RP diet app is designed for both men and women who are interested in weight loss and want to do so in a safe and sustainable way.

We’ve written a review of the RP Strength diet app with 10 pros and cons to make it easier for you to decide on what you want.

Diet options

There are several configurations or diet options in the app and template. Whether you’d like to remain at your current weight, gain weight or lose weight. In this post, we’re mainly referring to weight loss and remaining at your weight since this is our experience with the RP Strength diet.

One of the best parts of the program is that it is completely customizable and the program can be tailored to meet any fitness level or goals that a person might have.

The app can be used if you’re an active athlete or just a normal person, like us. Through the app you can customize to your level and amount of exercise.

How does it work?

When you’re dieting with the RP diet app, you’ll learn the proper way to adjust your day and set your macro intake.

RP Strength uses the concept of calorie cycling, this is to ensure that you’re body doesn’t suffer at a caloric deficit for too long. The app has this configured into it and the template has this information in the instructions. ?

Due to the macro-balance and caloric deficit, your body will learn to burn fat, not just the fast carbs and energy, and this will lead to weight loss. However, due to the macro-balance, the diet will ensure that you’ll lose fat and gain muscle. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of your weight-loss and think about fat loss and muscle gain instead of only weight loss.

This is also why the diet will be more effective, fun and enjoyable if you combine it with activity. I also find it way more motivating to diet if I also maintain a healthy workout routine.

RP Strength is well known for being a program that will help people stay healthy, for some that can be to remain at the weight they are, to gain weight, or to lose weight.

Personally, we have both experiences losing weight quite fast and dramatically by using the app (and template). Both short term by reducing the caloric intake but also long term by increasing our understanding of macro-balance and making our healthy eating habit even better.

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