Norwegian salmon
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Norwegian salmon

Since we live in Norway and one of us is a full blooded Norwegian, you can guess who.. ? we have to have at least one recipe that features salmon. 

The first tip is: Cook it in the oven! Most people overcook their salmon, usually because they make it in the pan or on too high temperature. 

Second tip: Salt the salmon before you put it in the oven, a salt mix is great for this! We have used the salt & herbs mix by Olivers & Co for a long time, and we like it a lot! 

Third tip: This is the most important one, by good salmon!! We cannot emphasize this enough! A great way to know is, would you want to eat it raw? We always use salmon we just as well could have eaten raw.

So, on to the cooking.
First, turn your oven to about 180 degrees. 

What you need: 

  • Salmon (we calculate about 3-400g per person, depending on macros)
  • Salt and herb mix, you can easily get away with just salt
  • Pepper

What to do: 

  • Put the salmon in an ovenproof dish 
  • Let it cook for 12-15 min
  • While the fish is being cooked you should prepare the side dish(es), our recommendation is a salad with feta cheese (if you have fat to spare), with rice, quinoa or sweet potato on the side. 

How to serve: 

  • There is a range of ways to serve salmon, an easy way to do it is with either rice, sweet potato mash or quinoa. 
  • A decent salad on the side is also recommended to get those greens in! Feta cheese in the salad tastes really good with the salmon. 
  • If you have some fat to spare we recommend serving the salad with some creme fraiche or sour creme on the side. 

Now, for one important part: 

If the salmon is cooked for too long in the oven it will get really dry and it will not taste as good. Therefore, we recommend that you check the salmon about 10 min in. If you have bought fresh salmon (not previously frozen) and of good quality it is ok that it is a little raw. But, not everyone likes this, so how you cook it is up to you! 

Lastly a fun fact, wild salmon is a lot leaner (less fat) and has less calories than farmed salmon. In addition it’s had a better life and contains more minerals. Plus, it tastes better. 

So as a norwegian, I truly recommend wild salmon, if you can get your hands on one that is.

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