On this page we write about the things we use to make our lives easier. If you’re curious what we use to cook and in general use, this page is for you. We’ve tried to make it informative and explain why we like the products so you can make up your own opinion.

We use all the below products and have used many of them over several years, some of the products though isn’t possible to buy outside Europe (because of difference in voltage/ electric grid..this is not my speciality..). Anyhow, we’ve included them all in our list and found some alternatives that are almost identical that can be bought on Amazon.

From some of the links below, if you click on the link and purchase the items, we get a small commission. But of course, at no extra cost for you! If you do purchase through us you have our sincere and heartfelt thanks ?

Hope you’ll enjoy the products as much as we do.

We use these products:

Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer

WE LOVE this one!! ☝️ We have used this for years (don’t even know how many) and it has been running supersmooth serving us delicious healthy airfried veggies! We use the airfryer to satisfy our craving for sweet potato fries and to fry all sorts of veggies. You can also use it to cook chicken, meat or fish (never tried that one though). What we also love about this one is that it can cook whatever while you’re taking a shower after the workout or working or whatever, you don’t have to pay attention to it at all and it will make a noice when it’s finished.
So, if you’re looking for a healthy and easy way to cook and fry food we definitely recommend this awesome machine.

Crock-pot Slow Cooker

Okay, you’ve probably heard about the slow cooker??? Crock-pot is the go to brand within this niche, but we honestly don’t know if their brand is better than others. All we know is that we use this one a lot and we are super happy about it! It is quite small compared to other slow cookers and doesn’t have that many modes, but we kind of like that. You can fit a (small) whole chicken in it and you can choose between a couple of different modes. If you want a slow cooker that is a bit more fancy we think this one looks pretty decent too.

We the slow cooker for lots of different cooking, but two of our favorites is pulled chicken or beef and any kind of stews. Simply put, if it has to cook for a long time, this is your new best friend!

Another great thing about the crockpot is that it’s not that expensive, about $40 for the one we have, so you get a lot for your money.

Kenwood Kitchen Machine

Where shall we start!? This is the dream machine, or at least it is Ida’s dream machine!! This was an expensive gadget, but Ida has been drooling over this one for years, so it was time to get one! ? And boy does it live up to the dream! Kenwood is market leader for a reason, this baby work like clockwork and it can fight off the larges batches of dough or whatever you put in there. Simply love this one! We use it for all sorts of things, but mostly baking or soups. And since we try not to bake too much stuff (kind of contradictory to our fitness goals..) we have to find new ways to use this wonder! Stay tuned.

Things we particularly like about this machine is the LED light lighting up the bowl, the large mixing bowl, you can machine wash all loose parts, the spilling lid limits mess and the different accessories for different kinds of baking.

The machine we have can’t be bought outside Europe, but we have found one, click here, that is pretty much the same that can be bought on amazon.

PS. The one we have is called KVL8300S CHEF TITANIUM.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron

The Le Creuset, need we say more? We got our first Le Creuset from Ida’s mother and boy does she know what she’s doing (mothers usually do..) The iron cast ensures that whatever you cook stays warm for a long time which makes it ideal for cooking things slow and for a long time. We either use this one for cooking things in the oven (with the lid on) or we use it on the hob/ cooking top.

Basically, we use this one for everything from bolognese to cooking a whole chicken. Want a recipe for that? Click here ? or here for bolognese ? . And, if thats not enough, you can get it in all kinds of colors!!?

De Buyer Carbon Steel Fry Pan

If you are afraid of butter this pan is not for you! This pan is truly one of the best we have ever tried, it cooks evenly and keep the heats perfectly. It is an iron cast cooking pan so it will require a fat source, we usually go for coconut butter or butter as olive oil (processed plant based oils in general) isn’t suitable for cooking on high temperatures. We have several versions of this pan, small, large, wok pans etc, and we prefer all of these to all the other pans we have tried.

ScanPan CTX Stainless Fry Pan

So, we can’t always use our De Buyer pan, because of the required fat source, and then we use this pan. We are very happy with this pan and it is one of the best non-stick pans we have tried. The reason why is obviously because barely nothing sticks to it but also because it is non-stick without being teflon, which is a great thing. Since it means that its not that sensitive to sharp objects (we are still careful though, you should be too), and you don’t have to throw it away if it gets a scratch, which from both an environmental and financial point of view is really great!

De Buyer Utility Tong

We love this little tool, it makes our day so much easier! We have short ones and long ones and use them as an extension of our hands when cooking ? The best tong there is, at least in our opinion..

Kitchen thermometer

We use a thermometer several times a week, and it is truly one of our not so secret tips on how to cook perfectly tempered food.
We use ours for ensuring that steaks, lamb, chicken and turkey (++) doesn’t get overcooked (read dry) or raw, a true lifesaver and an important tool if you want to take you cooking to the next level. We use it for cooking in the oven, in the pan or when we barbeque.
If you dont have one, you should get one, or two, or three!

Digital Kitchen Scale

The infamous food scale, we have learned to live with this one, but work hard to do without it. However, if you are starting on a macro based diet or maybe you just like a good cinnamon bun, a good food scale is a must have.

We have tried several ones and we have found out that we prefer the ones that are digital (in order to get accurate measuring), pretty simple and preferably with a physical button (gets annoying if it is touch and you have wet hands etc) and simple ones. No fuzz, just eating.

Smart Body Composition Digital Scale

We use this one every single day! If you’re on a diet or like to keep track of your weight this is a great tool. This has become our favorite scale because it easily synchronizes with an app on our phones and it can, in contrast to a normal scale, show your weight over time. We get detailed information about our body composition and follow our progress. It is a great tool if you are more concerned with long term trends and body composition, rather than your daily weight, which you should be ?