Egg white omelet
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Super tasty lean egg white omelet

Looking for a low fat, high protein breakfast that still tastes good? Heard only bad things about egg white omelets? Trust me, egg white omelets can be really really good! You just have to do it right ?‍?

This egg white omelet is perfect if you crave something tasty for breakfast. With this omelet, you’ll also get quite a lot of food, so it’ll keep you full or a long time! ?‍♀️

All you need to make this breakfast is egg whites, two eggs, and vegetables. 

A lot of people frown their noses when I say egg white omelet, but that tells me they’ve never tasted one! Egg white omelet is really not that different from a normal omelet and with vegetables, you add some crunch and freshness to it. One of the things I personally like the most about the egg white omelet is how flexible it is. You can basically adapt it to any kind of macros. 

This one I made with 2 eggs, but you can easily remove these if you want another fat source or are cutting down on fat. The eggs add some taste, but not that much, so you can easily do without them ?

What you need

  • 225g of egg whites
  • 2 (100g) whole eggs
  • 120g broccoli
  • 35g green onion
  • 120g mushrooms
  • 120g zucchini
  • Salt, pepper and some chili spices

What to do

  • Cut up the mushrooms, zucchini, green onion, and broccoli. You want to cut the green onion in pretty small pieces, but the rest in medium/ normal pieces. 
  • Put all the cut vegetables in a bowl
  • Add the eggs and the eggwhites
  • Mix it all together
  • Add the spices and mix again
  • Pour the omelet into a preheated pan
  • Let it cook for some time, divide it into 4 equal parts in the pan with your spatula (doing this early and a couple of times before you flip it makes it easier to divide and flip ?)
  • When the omelet has a nice brown crust flip the omelet over to the other side
  • Turn down the heat a little bit so the omelet doesn’t burn
  • When it is firm it is ready to be eaten 
Egg white omelet
Egg white omelet

How to serve

What I serve this omelet with really just depends on my macros. If I have the macros for it I add some avocado, a piece of bread, some mayo, or fresh tomatoes. 

Enjoy! ?

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