Lamb inside roast
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Lamb inside round – lean and tender

Lamb inside round aka top roast is probably not the cut you are most used to from lamb, but it will be soon be one of your favorites. Lamb inside round usually comes in smaller pieces than for example a whole leg, they are not as expensive and as a bonus these pieces are pretty lean. Plus, they are ridiculously tender! I mean, what is not to like? 

So, lamb usually has a lot of fat, but if you use lamb inside round aka top round instead it is a lot leaner, only 2.1g of fat per 100g. What is important when you buy lamb is that is has roamed free, preferably in the mountains using those muscles and been living of the land (if you will). This way the meat becomes very tender and full of taste. PLUS the lamb has had an amazing life, which is very important!

What you need for Lamb inside round: 

  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh Rosemary (lots of it)
  • Lamb Top round/ Inside round (about 150-200g per person, but this depend on your macros)
  • 5-6 Cherry tomatoes per person
  • 3-4 Mushrooms depending on size
  • 1-2 tbsp soy sauce
  • A thermometer

What to do:

  • About 2-4 hours (depending on where you live!) take the lamb out of the fridge
  • Preheat the oven to 100°C
  • Clean the Rosemary
  • Put salt, pepper and rosemary on the lamb
  • Heat up the frying pan and add some non-stick cooking spray
  • Sear all sides of the lamb in the pan, important, you don’t want the sides to burn, but you want it to be crisp
  • Put the lamb in an ovenproof dish and put it in the oven
  • When the lamb is at about 40°C start preparing the mushrooms
  • Preheat the frying pan and cook the mushrooms in the pan with the rosemary
  • Add soy sauce to the mushrooms
  • When the lamb is at 56°C take it out of the oven, let it rest until it reaches 58°C 
  • In the meantime cook the cherry tomatoes in the frying pan
  • When the lamb has reached 58°C it is ready to serve! 

PS. If you want the lamb cooked above medium you should leave it in the oven for a bit longer, remember to take it out when it is a couple of degrees away from where you prefer it. The reason for this is that if you let the meat rest (goes for beef as well) it will be less bloody.

How to serve:

Lamb is perfect to serve with hasselback sweet potato, make sure you time this right because the sweet potato must be cooked a lot warmer than the lamb. On the side we also had mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, and a little dash of creme fraiche. You can also serve it with sweet potato fries, if you use an airfryer to cook them you don’t have to plan that much with the oven and different degrees etc, so even less to think about.

Macros in lamb inside round/ top round:

Protein 21,3 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fat 2,1 g

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