12 Workouts To Help You Stay Healthy During The Holidays

7 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Since we are entering into a period with potentially low activity and a lot of (unhealthy) eating we want to share some tips to stay healthy during the holidays. These are tricks we use and we hope they will be helpful for you as well! 

We have also put up a small challenge with 12 simple workouts that require no equipment (downloadable PDF in bottom of the post).

7 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holidays:

  • You will probably get more than enough carbohydrate and fat in your diet, but remember to prioritize getting enough protein!
    Some research show that the body cannot consume more than a maximum of 40g (this depend on weight and sex) protein per meal (about 170g-190g raw chicken breast / beef) so eating half a kilo of turkey give will you a small to no effect.
  • Eat protein-rich breakfasts and lunches, saving the carbohydrate and fat intake for the festivities. We recommend all kinds of eggs (more exciting option if you are tired of cooked / fried / omelette are eggs and banana pancakes or egg “muffins”) or why not make protein rolls, gingerbread pancakes or eat the rest of your turkey, if you have any leftovers.. If you want something fast Skyr is a good alternative (this is a delicious and protein rich Icelandic “yogurt”). What you can also remember is that if you’re not having that much fat for the rest of the day (be honest with yourself) it can be a smart twist to add some more fat to the breakfast to stay full longer and not eat that much during the day. You can also check out our free recipe book for more protein rich breakfast recipes.
  • Eat your calories, don’t drink them!
    Sugar sweetened beverages make you want to eat more (it’ll spike your blood sugar and make you feel hungry), this includes juice. Stick with light beverages or water.
  • Choose wine over beer, less calories and carbs.
  • If you are going to a buffet or where there is a lot of food to choose from, start with protein sources and vegetables before jumping into more heavy things, that way you will not be as hungry when you reach the unhealthy stuff, and you’ll eat less of it.
  • Prioritize workouts that stimulate muscles aka bodybuilding over cardio. If you don’t have access to a gym we recommend 12 simple workouts that require no equipment, we use this type of format when we travel. We do this because if you stimulate muscles they will not only burn calories while you work, but continue burning up to 24 hrs after the workout. While cardio only lasts for the workout plus about 30 min.. so we always try to get in a weightlifting session, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups etc.
  • Remember the last and most important one, mindful eating! Enjoy each taste if you eat something sweet, it is allowed to enjoy yourself, but make sure you enjoy it! A rule we have is that if you eat something sweet you accept your decision and eat it with good conscience ❤️

Workouts To Help You Stay Healthy During The Holidays:

We like to use this format when we travel because none of the sessions require any equipment or will be that demanding, so you don’t need any rest days, but remember to always listen to the body and do not push too hard (this can for example be if you have a jetlag etc). You can do them in any order and choose the ones you are most passionate about. For example, if X number of push-ups are too much, replace them with another number of push-ups, do push-ups on your knees or another exercise. 

If you have any equipment at home or can borrow any from a friend or your gym/ CrossFit box – for example a kettlebell, dumbbell or plate, it is perfect for adding even more variety and challenge to your workout. 

We like to challenge one another, family or friends. Its a great way to spend quality time together, inspire and feel good about yourself! 

We really hope these 12 Workouts To Help You Stay Healthy During The Holidays can help you maintain those muscles and energy during the holiday! 

Happy workout. 

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