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RP strength breakfast

Being new on the RP diet can be really confusing and difficult. What should you eat? What can you eat? Is it possible to make something tasty? Will it always take this much time to make food? Will it always be this much hassle? Is it worth it? These are some of the questions you’ll ask yourself. 

Let me tell you. It will be worth it! The hassle feeling will go away, although sometimes you’ll get sick of the RP diet. You’ll get the hang of what you can eat and what you think is tasty. 

It will get better!! 

To make life easier for you, I have in this post, compiled some of our favorite breakfasts!

What is important to remember here is that you should adapt to your macros. Don’t despair, if you have the app, it will help you do that. 

Our top five healthy and delicious breakfast recipes that will fuel your body
Get our free cookbook!
Our top five healthy and delicious breakfast recipes that will fuel your body

We also have a breakfast cookbook with 5 breakfast recipes. Click here to get it straight into your mailbox!

These recipes are: 

  • Baked Sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Spanish Tortilla
  • The Brunch Beauty
  • Banana Protein Pancakes
  • Egg White Omelette

I recommend you to download this cookbook if you’re on the hunt for awesome breakfast recipes. 

Also, if you want inspiration on what to eat when on an RP Strength diet, we have several tasty recipes and a post about A Day of Eating on the RP Strength Diet.


So, this is by far my favorite!! We usually only make these during the weekends because it does take some time. However, when I’ve been on really hard cuts I’ve been known to make several batches that fit my macros. Freeze them down, then the night before I take out what I’m having, put them in the fridge overnight so they slowly defrost, then I heat them up in a pan in morning ?Its probably one of my best ideas to this date ? 

Banana and saffron pancakes with mango and passion jam
Banana and saffron pancakes with mango and passion jam

Anyhow, pancakes are really great to make while you’re on a diet. Simply because they are easy to adapt to your macros. 

We always make them on banana, egg white or eggs (depending on macros, if we can have fat or not) and whey or casein. Sometimes, if we have the fat we add nut butter such as almond-, peanut- or hazelnut-butter to the party as well.

Whether we use whey or casein depends on if we want fast or slow protein. For breakfast, we often to a 50/50 split or only use whey. If we make pancakes in the evening we use casein, since it is a slower protein source. 

Some of my favorite pancake recipes

Blueberry pancakes

These are simply delicious, we add fresh blueberries when we cook them. So they are extra juicy. Click here to get the recipe.

Saffron pancakes 

These are super tasty! I really recommend these, the taste is quite different than “normal” pancakes because of the saffron. Saffron is one of those tastes that are hard to explain, so I guess you just have to try them. Click here for the recipe.  

3 ingredient pancakes

This is a great base recipe for pancakes that you should really try out. When we make pancakes we often start from this base recipe, click here to try it out ?

Toast with ham and eggs

This is a winner! Toast with ham and eggs we usually make during the weekends, because it’s a bit time-consuming. But what is great about it is that it is easy to adapt to your macros. 

Brunch Beauty
Toast with ham and eggs.

If you want to know how to make it click this link. 

Eggs in different forms

This is an obvious one, and I don’t have a recipe for this, but I’ll let you know how Tobias and I usually have them. 

Boiled eggs with crispbread

During the weekdays, I use an egg cooker, just because I don’t have the time to cook them in a pan and I want something high on protein that will keep me full. Often I combine it with crispbread. Crispbread is a very Scandinavian thing I think. For me, it’s great because I can get some carbs in, but I don’t get the yeast from bread that can upset my stomach. 

Fried eggs

On the weekends we often fry the eggs in a pan ? Then we eat them on either newly baked bread or bread that we put in the toaster.

Eggs & ham
Eggs & ham for breakfast on the terrace

A secret trick here is that we always by high-quality bread from the baker or similar. We slice it up in-store and then we freeze it down.

This way we can take the slices we want from the freezer, and put it in the toaster. Then you get both warm bread, and this kills the yeast too.

We often combine the eggs and toast with some vegetables like tomato or cucumber. The tomato we often put in the pan with the eggs, unless it’s tomato season, then we like them fresh and uncooked. 

Egg white omelette

Egg white omelette is genius if you don’t have any fat for your breakfast, but want something delicious and filling. Many people at first, think this doesn’t taste very good, but they are wrong! 

You can put anything you want in the omelette, ham for extra protein or vegetables for extra taste. 

I recommend you to download our free breakfast cookbook, we have a great recipe for egg white omelette in there. Here is the link.

Yogurt or smoothie bowl

Yogurt with berries and granola is great for breakfast!!

This is a classic. You can either make yourself a delicious smoothie bowl or base it on yogurt. 

If you want a smoothie bowl, I recommend this recipe that we made, click here. The taste was really fresh even though it has casein in it. Also, it’s fast to make, which we like in the mornings ?

The other classic is a bowl of yogurt (either dairy or coconut) and maybe some cottage cheese with some fresh berries or granola. Here you have to be careful you don’t exceed your macros though. 

I hope this gave you inspiration for your breakfasts while on the RP diet. I hope you’ll like the recipes and that they make your diet a bit easier and a lot more tasty?

Unsure if the RP Diet App is for you? Check out our RP Diet App and MyFitnessPal comparison, our RP Diet App review, or our RP Strength Diet App vs RP Strength Diet Template post.

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Our top five healthy and delicious breakfast recipes that will fuel your bodyGet our top five healthy and delicious breakfast recipes that will fuel your body here.

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  1. Hi! Love your blog! It’s super helpful? I’m currently following the RP Simplified Diet Template and I just finished my base week. Going into Day 01 of my first cut today! I love having a yogurt bowl for breakfast but I’m having trouble measuring out granola according to the template specifications. I’m allowed 3/4 of a cup of cooked grains or 2 1/3 cups of fruit. I like adding both granola and fresh blueberries to my yogurt. How would I go about portioning that out and still abiding by the template specifications? Any help would be greatly appreciated ? Thank you!

    1. Hi! I’m so sorry we haven’t gotten back to you before, did you figure it out? How is your diet going?

      What I would normally do in those settings is calculating how much I can eat in total of that specific granola.

      For example your template says you can have 15g of carbs and 5g of fat.

      Then you check the nutrition label for you granola, lets say it contains (per 100g) 45g carbs, 18g fat & 9g protein.

      Now you divide your macros 15 (for example carbs, here 15) with 0,45 (the amount of carbs per 100g). Then you’ll get 33, which is the amount of granola (in grams) you can eat.

      since, granola also contains a lot of fat you need to be careful and should calculate that as well to ensure you’re withing your macros. 33g of granola contain 6g of fat. since this is only 1g above your macro, that is ok.

      Keep in mind, that when you do it like this, you should calculate carbs, fat and protein to make sure you don’t exceed any one of your macros.

      Hope this was helpful ?

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