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Lean Protein Chicken Taco

Getting tired of the same old beef taco? Or maybe you’re tired of chicken and rice? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a more lean version of your normal taco? 

Well, here is the chicken taco! ?

It is the perfect Friday dinner after a long work week and a great training session.

Super fast and, of course, delicious ?

All you need is chicken, tortillas and some vegetables of your own choice. 

What you need

  • Chicken, either chicken breast, chicken breast slices or chicken thigh filet.
    Remember that chicken thigh has a lot more fat in it than chicken breast does.
  • Tortillas/ Wraps
  • Vegetables: You can use whatever vegetables you want, we tend to use: 
    • Cucumber
    • Tomatoes
    • Lettuce or similar
    • Red peppers
    • Green Onion
  • Chili & garlic to cook the chicken
  • Lime

What to do

  • Cut the chili, garlic and all the vegetables 
  • Cook the chicken with garlic, chili, salt, and pepper.
    You can cook the chicken either in a pan or in the oven. If you cook the chicken in the oven you should cook it with a thermometer so it doesn’t get dry, cook to 68-70ºC. Also if you have the macros to spare adding some olive oil and/or sriracha sauce is a great idea ?
  • When the chicken is done, cut it into pieces.
  • Heat up the wraps either in a preheated pan or in the oven (we often use the grill function for this) 
  • If you have the macros for it, adding a little bit of cheese on the wraps is super good!
    Put it on either when the wraps are in the pan or oven so that it melts ?
  • Put all the vegetables and chicken in the wrap. Squeeze over some lime, and it is ready to eat!! 

How to serve

I really like to serve this with just a little bit of lime, it adds a bit of an edge, and a little more excitement to the taco. 

Also, if you have the time and want to, homemade salsa o goes great with this! We have a super easy homemade salsa recipe ?

Now, enjoy!! 

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