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RP Strength Diet Food List

Starting a new diet can be really hard, what’s even harder it seems is knowing what to eat. Maybe you’ve started counting macros but before you counted calories. Confusing right? And in all this confusion you have to learn the difference between good and bad fat, good and bad carbs and what foods to buy at the store and what to eat. 

Therefore we have made it easy for you! We have made an RP Strength diet food list. Basically we go through all the foods we use as our staple foods. This makes our every day a lot easier as we always have healthy things we can eat in the fridge, freezer or kitchen counter. These are foods you also can eat while on an RP strength diet.

To make it even easier, I’ve divided it into the different macros: protein, fat, and carbs. 

No on to the fun stuff! But, before I get started. One thing is important to note. On an RP diet, you can technically eat whatever you want, as long as you stay within your macros. That being said, you’d want to feed your body the right things. 

PS. Before we dig in, we want to clarify, we are in no way, neither as individuals nor through FuelChefs, affiliated nor associated with RP Strength ( We are neither RP Strength employees nor health professionals. Nor is this an advertisement. We are consumers and customers of RP Strength who simply wish to share our personal experiences with those who are interested. All content on this site ( is our personal experience and opinions. 

Also, if you want inspiration on what to eat when on an RP Strength diet, we have several tasty recipes and a post about A Day of Eating on the RP Strength Diet.


These are staples that you definitely always should keep at home. You can keep them either in your refrigerator or freezer.


Chicken: This will very soon (if it’s not already) become one of your go-to protein sources. It is high in protein and low on fat and carbs. You can make a gazillion different variants of chicken, and it can be used for dinner, breakfast or food prep.

We prefer, organic chicken because they have lived a better life and it tastes better.

I really like cooking a whole chicken, then we have it for days, you use the whole animal, you make broth you later can use for ramen and it tastes good.

Meat: we always keep minced meat and a couple of steaks in the fridge. That way, we can always throw together a quick dinner. One of our favorites is bolognese or a well-made steak.

However, it is important to remember that meat can contain quite a lot of fat, so choose the minced meat with a low percentage of fat, and choose the leaner steaks when you’re cooking yourself dinner. Cook it with a thermometer and you’ll still be able to make it super good!!

Also, it is important to remember that if you want that healthy omega3 you should eat grass-fed meat. 

Eggs: We always have eggs in the fridge. Usually, we have them for breakfast. During the weekend we fry them in a pan, during the weekdays I use our egg boiler, which I love!! 

During weekends we often combine eggs with bread, if we have any carbs. During the weekdays I either have just 2 eggs for breakfast or combine it with a piece of ham and some hard bread.  

Fish & shellfish: Fish is a super healthy and omega3 rich food source. It has a lot of protein, but, depending on the fish, it can contain quite a lot of fat. So be mindful of that when you choose your food source. A good thing to remember is that for example, wild salmon have less fat than farmed salmon. 

Protein bar: This is one that I struggle with. Simply because it is processed, and we try our best to avoid processed food. This is pretty much the only processed food we digest (except whey/ casein, tortilla for taco ?and a rice cake once in a while ?) and then I think it is ok. Keeping a couple of bars at home is a great idea in case you just need something fast to eat. 

Bars are usually high on protein but beware of the carb and fat ratio in the bars. They can sometimes be really high!

Casein & Whey: If you’re serious about gaining muscle you know this is important. We try our best to get our protein from natural unprocessed foods. But sometimes we are incapable of eating enough, then whey or casein is great to have. Make sure you buy a whey/ casein high on protein and low on fat and carbs. 

Yogurt: We often eat yogurt as an evening snack before we go to bed. Either dairy yogurt or coconut yogurt (cogurt). We often eat it with berries, fruit or granola, depending on what we have. I usually also put on a dash of honey, just because it tastes good and is a healthy antibiotic.


Fat can be divided into healthy and unhealthy fat. Long story short, healthy fat is things such as avocado, olive oil, (pure) butter, nuts etc. Unhealthy fat is processed oils such as canola oil, but also margarine, candy, chocolate. 

Healthy fat is super important for many reasons, but one if them is that it will keep you full and make sure your brain works well. Yes, your brain need fat. 

Healthy food
Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

Avocado: This is one of my favorites! I simply love avocado, did you know avocado is actually a fruit, not a vegetable?? ?I use avocado for dinner, for lunch or for breakfast. For breakfast, I usually have it with bread. For lunch usually with a salad, and for dinner just as a side with whatever else we’re having. You can also make guacamole with it or use it in a smoothie, smoothie bowl or casein bowl, as we have done here: avocado and strawberry casein mousse.

Olive oil: olive oil is super good, but I never use it for cooking at high temperatures. Then you lose the good qualities of olive oil. So, I use it in salads, in guacamole, in pico de gallo, on bread, etc. I like to have one that tastes really good for salads, bread and so forth, and one that is a bit cheaper that I use when cooking. 

Butter: This is excellent to use in cooking or on bread. Butter is, as olive oil, very fat heavy, so use with care. Butter is great because you can use it to cook on high temperatures and gives a delicious taste. However, if you are on a paleo diet, butter is a no go since it is a dairy product. Many people who live on a strict paleo diet can use ghee (sort of Indian butter). Some also clarify the butter to get rid of the diary, never tried this myself. 

Coconut oil: Olive oil is great for cooking and I prefer this over butter. I am sensitive to dairy products, so I try to limit where I can, hence we use coconut oil! I use coconut oil mostly in cooking, it can take high heat and it gives a great juicy taste. 

Nuts: nuts is a great fat source, it is great to use in cooking, as toppings or as a snack! Nuts also have protein and fiber in them. The different kinds of nuts also have different vitamins and minerals (depends on the kind of nut) and is great for your body.

Nuts can be really good, almost addictive when you eat it, so like with everything, remember to limit yourself. 


Many people fear carbohydrates, but don’t! They can be really beneficial and help you reach your goals! They will give you the energy to go through your day and ensure you get great workout results. You just have to know what to eat and when.

Hasselback sweet potato
Hasselback sweet potato

Sweet potato: This is one of our go-to carb sources. Why? Because we think it is super tasty and can be made in so many different ways. We love making sweet potato fries with our air fryer, bake them in the oven, make Hasselback potatoes, sweet potato mash or use them in pancakes. There is a bunch of opportunities. We usually have a couple of sweet potatoes in the fridge. 

Hot tip: don’t keep them in plastic, this, for some reason makes them sort of soft..

Rice: Rice is just a nice staple to have at home. We don’t really eat it that much, so I always get sort of surprised of how tasty it actually is when I eat it. We sometimes make tabbouleh, which is delicious.

Rice cakes: This is, together with wraps, my guilty pleasure and it has helped me out of many hangry situations. Not particularly healthy, but it can help control cravings or hunger. Rice cakes also, usually that is, contains quite few carbs (and fat).  

Wraps: Wraps is our go-to if we’re really busy and don’t have time to make a lot of food. We have a couple of go-to brands. That way we know exactly how much carbs (and fat) there is in each one, and have control of the ingredients. 

Fruits: We always have some sort of fruit in our house, but we try to follow the seasons. It just tastes sooo much better then. Fruits are really good for you, it usually has a lot of vitamins and fiber and it is a great healthy carb source. Beware that different fruits contain very different amounts of carbs. Personally, I eat a lot of bananas, it is my go-to work out carb. I think banana taste super good and it is a great carb source. You can also use it for banana pancakes, as muesli topping or just a snack! It is also high in magnesium and fiber! Which you need! 

Berries: We usually eat berries mostly when they’re in season, but I have been known to buy blue- and raspberries all year around ?Berries contain quite little carb and add a lot of flavor to your meal. Berries are delicious as topping for yogurt, smoothie bowls, in smoothies or just as a snack.

Yogurt with berries and granola

Vegetables: We always have lots and lots of vegetables in our house!! There are 3 reasons, it is super healthy, really really tasty and it’s a great carb source. Vegetables are typically lower in carbs than most fruits, and if you stick to the green ones they are usually lower on carbs than the ones with color. For example cucumber and tomato. Cucumber has less carbs than tomato. That being said, I really like the taste of tomatoes, and we have them for almost every meal. 

That was our list of go-to food while on the RP Strength diet. We really hope you like it, got inspired and that it can make your diet and life a little easier ☺️

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Featured image photo cred: Photo by Stephan Valentin on Unsplash

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