Annoying things with the RP diet app

5 annoying things with the RP diet app and how to hack them

Do you think it’s hard to stay consistent with your RP diet app? Does it feel that you have no room for any flexibility? There’s probably a good reason why your diet is the way it is and for the best effect, you should probably stick to it. But for most of us, life isn’t strictly well-planned and never changing. Things come up and we need to adapt. Flexibility is more important than perfection. If that’s something that is important for you I have some tips for you.

The RP diet App is very strict and it helps you stay consistent. The RP diet App helps you get the right amount of macros at the right time of the day. According to RP Strength, the most important thing for weight loss is calorie balance, it’s about 50%. The next 30% it’s macronutrients. The balance between fats, carbs, and proteins. 5% of supplements. Then you have 10% nutrition timing and 5% food composition. What we are talking about here is to make some modifications to last 15% of what affects your weight journey. This will probably have an impact on your weight loss or weight journey but at least for me, I think it’s worth it to have some flexibility and have something that better fits my time schedule.

A disclaimer: to get the best result I would suggest that you follow the app strictly. The RP diet App is set up in this way for a reason and changing anything is on your own risk. Here are the five things that annoy me with the RP diet App and how I have solved them to get some flexibility in the schedule the better fits my life.

Before we dig in, we want to clarify, we are in no way, neither as persons nor through FuelChefs, affiliated nor associated with RP Strength ( We are neither RP Strength employees nor health professionals. Nor is this an advertisement. We are consumers and customers of RP Strength who simply wish to share our personal experiences with those who are interested. All content on this site ( is our personal experience and opinions. 

1. Too much food/too much protein on the evening meal

The biggest challenge for me with the RP diet app is that the biggest meal is the last one. If I eat a big meal an hour or so before I go to bed I have really trouble getting to sleep. I also have to drink some water to get down the meal which causes me to wake up during the night or early morning to have to go to the bathroom. All Together a get a bad night of sleep. As we all know sleep is super important for both our all over health but also fat/weight loss. I’m also used to having dinner as the biggest meal and that’s how I like it, not the the evening meal.

What I do to solve this challenge is that I set up my dinner as the prescribes but then I also borrow some of the macros from the evening meal. For the most part only proteins but sometimes even some fat. I first fill up my dinner macros then I add some extra grams of meat or whatever that I’m eating to the evening meal. This way I ensure that I do not get over my calorie intake or change my macro combination.

2. Evening snack too late / too close to bedtime

This one is related to the first one if I eat too much or too late I have really trouble getting to sleep. The RP diet App wants me to eat 45 minutes before bedtime. This works really badly for me. 

I have changed it so I have my last meal an hour or even one and 1/2 hour before I go to bed. This gives my body enough time to digest the food before I go to bed. 

An easy way to accomplish this is to change the bedtime in the RP Diet App. I set up the RP diet app with a planned bedtime an half-hour to 45 minutes earlier than I actually go to bed. This way the app will tell you to eat not 45 minutes before you go to bed but 1,5 hours before I go to bed. This helps me to sleep better, and will probably help you to.

3. Too little fat for dinner

I normally workout directly after work and before dinner. The RP diet app adds most of the carbohydrates after you workout and the fat as long before and after you workout. This lefts you with a lot of carbohydrates after your workout *win*, I love sweet potato fries after a workout. The saddest part is that you get none or very few grams of fat for dinner. This makes most protein sources just a far fetched dream and you are stuck with chicken breast. Don’t get me wrong I love chicken and it is very versatile. But chicken breast for every dinner even puts me off. 

What I do to solve it is that I log my meat or whatever my protein source is on the evening meal instead of dinner. I then log my evening meal protein source on my dinner to be certain that everything adds up as planned. This is also a solution for problem number one, to move som macros from the evening meal to dinner.

4. Breakfast to close to wake up

You could say that I’m a bit lucky or maybe spoiled but I have the opportunity to eat breakfast at my workplace every day. It goes without saying that this saves me a lot of time and money. The problem is that the RP diet app wants me to eat more or less directly after I wake up. This is impossible for me because I have some commute time to get to work in addition to getting myself ready to go to work. 

To solve this just set up the RP diet app to say that I wake up maybe half an hour or 60 minutes later than I actually wake up. This hack also put lunch meal at the more correct time for me. At my workplace we all eat lunch at 11:30 and we all eat together. It would not be possible for me to eat any earlier or later. So this hack actually solves two problems for me; I eat breakfast the time that the RP diet app wants me to do and I also eat lunch the time that it wants me to.

5. Want to eat 4 meals but also want a snack before workout

In the app you can choose between having four or five meals a day. For the most part I think that’s fine. But for me the ideal would be to have like for 4 and 1/2 meals. What I mean is 4 normal meals and a smaller snack before I go work out. 

One way to solve this is to setup the RP diet app for 4 meals a day and just borrow some of the macros from the evening meal that as I said earlier is already too big for me. This way I get 4 quite nice sized meals and also the evening meal isn’t too big. I also got some macros left to have a snack before I hit the gym.


These were my five things that annoys me with that RP diet app and how I have hacked it to solve it and make it fit my life better. If you decide to do this as well I think you have to be aware that you probably will affect your journey. You have to decide if you think it’s worth it or you should stick to the app as it’s set up to be.

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  2. I really appreciate this article because I’m new to the RP app and I hate having my biggest meal 1/2 hr before bedtime! I’ll try your suggestions as above. Thank you!

  3. My biggest issue is my protein shake macros make no sense. Most protein shakes are more than 15g of protein and are much less than 15g carbs. How do I fix THAT?

    1. So sorry for the late response, I had the same problem, I added a piece of banana, berries or something similar to get the carbs up 😀

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