New Years Resolution

New Year Resolutions – How to commit?

So the new year and a new decade is upon us! Many will use this opportunity to advocate for and tell (often the whole world) about their new year resolutions. However, we want to take a different approach, and we hope you like it. 

Instead of setting unreachable goals for the new year or the new decade, like working out 5 times a week and not eat any candy. Only to break down after only a couple of weeks and not achieving your goal, we would like to challenge you on two things. 

First, small goals!

Small goals are the best, that means they are easier to reach and you can tick off more..this is a big mental gamechanger. 

If you like you can have one big overarching goal, but then you should set several small goals that will support you greater goal as well. Reaching these will ensure you feel great about yourself in the process, but it will also make sure you work steadily toward your main goal.

When you have set your smaller goals you should decide which ones to focus on, this will ensure that you concentrate your effort and work more focused towards your goals, breaking down large tasks into smaller pieces.

What is important to remember when setting these goals is that they shouldn’t be conflicting, that will only make it so much harder for you. Make sure your goals complement one another. A good example here is if you want to wake up at 5 each morning, and also cut down on coffee..but today you have 2 morning coffees and love that routine.. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to forsee what will happen here, you’ll hate waking up and you’ll eventually break one of your goals only to feel disappointed in yourself.  

Secondly, why set new year resolutions?

I am fundamentally against this!! Why should I limit myself to improve and change once a year? And why should you??

It might sound cheesy but every day, every second of every minute is the perfect opportunity to commit to your dreams and aspirations, and decide to make those changes happen.

As if this is not reason enough to not come hot out off the gate on January 1st with a handful of New Year’s resolutions, science shows us that only about 23% will actually see them through! That means that 3 in 4 of us won’t be able to make the changes we want to!

Personally we both have felt greater progress with goals that have been set throughout the year, smaller goals, like aiming to loose 5 kilos, benchpress 65 kilos or nail that 200kg deadlift. 

So, there’s only one question left, how will you go about setting your goals?

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